A Special Use for An Effective Product

This is a great product, and I use it for a purpose that some may find interesting.

The product delivers kind of energy boost you’d get by drinking a caffeinated beverage or energy drink, but without the calories and in a convenient strip that you can carry in a wallet or pocketbook. I’ve never particularly felt the need for an energy boost (I don’t like coffee and drink very little soda), so why would this product interest me?

I’ve suffered from migraine headaches since I was very young. I’ve tried just about every treatment available, and found little relief until Imitrex was approved by the FDA in 1997. Imitrex was the first medication that would reliably stop my migraines, but I found that there were still a lot of days when I would have a “background headache,” and this would often develop into a full-blown migraine. Then a neurologist suggested that small doses of caffeine throughout the day might eliminate or reduce these background headaches. He suggested taking a few sips of Coke every hour or so. I tried this, and it definitely helped, but I didn’t want the extra calories, etc, and it’s not always possible to have a Coke on hand throughout my day. Enter Elite Ops Energy Strips. In the morning I cut a strip into 8 segments (about 12.5 mg caffeine each) and then put the foil container in my wallet. I take one segment every 90 minutes from noon until around 6pm. Then each night I take 25mg of Imitrex (sumatriptan) at bedtime. On this regimen I am now completely headache free on most days. This is a huge improvement, and (as my doctor predicted) taking such a low dose of caffeine seem to avoid any addictive or rebound effect.

Obviously YMMV, and you should definitely consult a physician before trying this. But it’s been very successful for me, and I’m certainly grateful for the product.