Our Story

As military veterans, parents, and people who work every day; we wanted a better energy product for ourselves as well as our friends and family.  We were tired of wasting time & money on overpriced, slow-acting, inferior products, riding a rollercoaster of spikes & crashes that kept us reaching for “another one”. 

We kept asking: “what’s a product worth if you don’t have it when you need it, it spills easily, causes you to gain weight, or makes you run to the bathroom when you’re trying to get something important done?”

As Americans, we knew that there was a better way. 

So, in 2015 Elite Ops Energy Strips launched an innovative energy product with a unique, sublingual delivery method that helps people change their lives.  Elite Ops Energy Strips make it easier to wake up, are quick acting & predictable, always handy, save you money and are American made.

Our logo is a homage to our military roots and fellow vets, but it also has deeper meaning: Don’t guess at your caffeine intake.  Draw smoother energy curves by eliminating the spikes & crashes.  Get more done with less. — Target your energy.

Our mission is to help people and organizations manage their power & energy.  Try Elite Ops Energy Strips and experience the difference for yourself.  To learn more about the product and our growing community of fans from all walks of life, browse our site, check out our blog & social media, come to one of the events we sponsor, and support our terrific partners.  We trust that you’ll enjoy the ability that Elite Ops Energy Strips give you to shift the gears in your life in new and powerful ways.  And, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly and as always, thanks for your support.

Power Up, Freedom On,

Ray Welch, Chairman & CEO

Tom Garza, President