Elite Ops Supports The Best Ranger Competition

Our mission at EliteOps is to support national defense and American excellence.

EliteOps helps first responders & warfighters ‘Target Their Energy’ to power their missions.

EliteOps provides energy fast with a scientifically determined 100 mg dose of caffeine & B vitamins delivered to the blood stream sublingually.

This is up to 10x faster & smoother than swallowed energy products and puts people in the sweet spot of their power curve in ~10 minutes.

There’s no spike, no crash, no sugar, no junk and no bathroom breaks; just quick, clean sustained-energy.

EliteOps Strips are compact, air-tight & field proven and are always handy to quickly shift your power curve.

Our product is field proven with 1st responders around the country and warfighters deployed all around the world. They all agree, this is the best energy product when you need to ‘Target Your Energy’ and focus on the mission.

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