Power Through the race with Elite Ops Energy Strips

EliteOps Energy Strips is a proud sponsor of Spartan’s 2018 Honor Race series

Join us in: Fort Benning, Fort Carson, Fayetteville, Fort Knox, West Point, Fort Campbell, and Dallas. 

Why Spartans Choose Elite Ops Energy

  100/mg Caffeine + B6, B12 & E Vitamins. No exotic additives.

  Ultra – portable energy on demand. Stay in “The Power Zone”.

  Energy Strips are lightweight and waterproof for midrace use.

   Feel a boost in power & endurance in as little as 3-5 minutes!

   Active ingredients absorb sublingually = no stomach upset.

   No Spike and No Crash. Helps you perform at your peak.


Spartans Power Up with Elite Ops Energy 

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Reviews from top Athletes

Great product!

Elite Ops has become a staple of my Triathlon races that are Olympic distance to Ironman distance. I reward myself with a strip on the last part of my run to kick it in and win!

Julie Bishop
Ironman Competitor


“I’ve been using Elite Ops Energy Strips for over a year now. I have never found a delivery system more efficient and lighter to carry than Elite Ops. It is now an integral part of my racing.”

Matt "The Bear" Novakovich
2013 Virginia Spartan Super Winner & Camp Yancy Athlete


“No crash at all! I’m impressed with the clean energy that I had throughout my busy day.”

Tina "La Titan"
Professional Body Builder

Why We Love Spartan Races

Spartan Races are a lot like training for life. The strength, determination, perseverance, and desire to complete a Spartan Race will help one face and overcome life's everyday challenges & obstacles…just without the fire jump celebration at the end.

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